Are you looking to get into shape? Do you want a fun way to make fitness a cornerstone of your life? Or are you looking to change up your normal workout routine? Whatever your reasons are, hot yoga or hot Pilates might be the perfect fit for your workout goals. But you might be wondering to yourself, why should you choose yoga or Pilates? Why is hot yoga better than the traditional style? We’ve got the answers to these questions and more, but we think there’s no better way to see the power of hot yoga and hot Pilates than by trying it out for yourself. Here in Washington D.C., Haute Bodhi Hot Yoga is the hot yoga and Pilates studio for you.

-Benefits of Hot Yoga

While the origins of yoga can be traced back to over 5,000 years ago, hot yoga has become quite popular in recent years. You might wonder how hot yoga is any different from the traditional style, but there are actually a number of benefits to turning up the heat on your workout. For example, the increased heat can improve your flexibility more than other styles of yoga. If you’ve ever done traditional yoga, you know that flexibility is the name of the game, so this is a huge positive in favor of hot yoga. An added bonus comes from the way you can sweat out a lot of toxins from your body. Detoxifying your body will help you feel refreshed and free of chemicals and other compounds you don’t want to have in your body.
Any good workout is designed to get your heart pumping and your blood circulating. Research has shown that adding heat to your yoga workout increases your circulation more than what occurs during a room temperature exercise. This has the added benefit of making your skin look healthier, with a beautiful glow. Thanks to that added circulation, hot yoga is also great for helping you lose weight if that’s your goal. Some people have noted that the hot yoga experience increases their mindfulness, making them more aware of their surroundings, actions, and how it is affecting their body. Hot yoga also helps boost the endorphins in your brain, which can boost your mood, relax your mind and body, and alleviate pain issues.
This is all in addition to the numerous benefits of yoga on its own. Yoga has been shown to be a fantastic workout for people who are looking for something low-impact but still want great results. Whether they’re nursing an injury or just don’t enjoy the pain of other exercises, yoga helps these people reach their goals without making it a painful experience. Yoga has the ability to reduce chronic pain, improve respiration, and alleviate arthritis, headaches, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Some yogis have even found that it helps lower blood pressure and helps them sleep easier. You can’t forget the mental benefits of yoga, either. Yoga is a highly meditative exercise, with a lot of focus on deep, conscientious breathing. This helps people relax, manage stress, find mental clarity, center their attention, and relieve depression symptoms. Yoga truly can do wonders.
One of the greatest strengths of yoga is how friendly it is to beginners. There are classes designed to suit anyone’s experience level, so there’s no reason to be intimidated by getting started. However, if you are anxious about starting out in a class with people you don’t know, there are one-on-one sessions you can do with an experienced instructor. You can learn a bit more about the one-on-one yoga sessions offered at Haute Bodhi Hot Yoga here.

-Benefits of Hot Pilates

To get into the benefits of hot Pilates, you first need to look at how Pilates is different from yoga. While yoga is predominantly used to improve your body’s flexibility, Pilates mainly focuses on relaxing tense muscles while strengthening them. This is done through a combination of mat work and machine exercises. Yoga and Pilates are both fantastic for toning abdominal muscles, but Pilates is a more intense exercise, which can lead to quicker results if that’s your desire. If you’re looking to lose weight, yoga and Pilates can both fit the bill, but there is a cardio element to Pilates that can help with weight loss.
Just like with hot yoga, turning up the temperature can make Pilates even better, for many of the same reasons. The heat improves your flexibility, helps you detoxify through sweating more, and increases your heart rate without the impact of going for a run. Pilates is designed to give you a full-body workout, with each exercise intended to focus on a different body part. Your circulation will be improved, which is important to lower blood pressure and improve your overall health. Pilates is also a fantastic exercise if you’re dealing with chronic back pain. According to a study by the Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy, that’s because Pilates helps to stabilize your lumbar-pelvic region, which will alleviate the stress in the area and make it less painful.
Another reason Pilates is a great workout is because of the full-body focus it provides while being easier on your joints. Many people who want to get into shape will end up falling behind due to joint pain. Pilates is designed to take pressure off your back and knees while you work out. This makes Pilates a great cross-training option for people who run, cycle, or lift weights, as it ensures you still get your exercise for the day while giving your joints a much-needed rest. You’ll also notice an improvement to your ability to focus, which can be extremely helpful when you’re stressed out. You’ll be too focused on each pose and workout to be hung up about what happened at work that day. So if you’re looking for a good way to blow off some steam and relax, try a Pilates class at Haute Bodhi Hot Yoga.

-Which is Better: Yoga or Pilates?

For this answer, you need to take stock of what your goals are, what you would like to focus on, and what type of experience you are hoping for. While yoga and Pilates both put a lot of focus on breathing techniques, breathing in yoga is mainly intended to help you relax and find a sense of inner peace. Pilates is a more intense exercise than yoga, so if you’re looking to see quick results, it might be a good choice for you. However, if you’re looking for an exercise that can have an impact on your lifestyle or mental state, yoga could be a better choice. When it comes to working around injuries, especially back injuries, an experienced yoga or Pilates instructor will be able to adjust their routines and give advice on how to accommodate for the injury.

In the end, the only way to know which workout is better for you and your goals is to try them both out. Different people might like yoga over Pilates or vice versa, but just as many people enjoy including both styles into their fitness regimen. Are you looking for a place to try out hot yoga or hot Pilates? Call Haute Bodhi Hot Yoga today to learn how to get started. We’re located just outside of Washington D.C., so you don’t have to go far to achieve the body of your dreams. We hope to see you here soon!